Individually designed modern wooden homes and log houses

Our product is unique to North America

We use spruce of the highest quality grade, which is a wood species with a beautiful even light coloring, fewer knots than other materials, and has a strong resistance to humidity…all of which is a perfect match for modern architecture.

We are a leader in design-minded log building. The manufacturing process has been modified so that even the most demanding architecture can be realized with wood. We have many patented solutions for combining features like large glass surfaces safely within log construction. We have a professional design team to help you if you wish.

We use the most progressive woodworking technology in the world providing an unparalleled quality and precision of woodworking that facilitates the most challenging wishes of our customers. When it comes to lamination, we offer the latest method of laminating logs. By the time of delivery, the wooden parts are processed to a very high degree of completion resulting in faster and more efficient on-site assembly.

Wood is the most ecological building material. The wood we use has been produced using principles of sustainable development. Manufacturing a wooden house requires less energy than most other conventional builds. Wood waste is minimal and recycled. Wooden homes are carbon sinks and have a very long lifespan.

Wood is good for you, it breathes… keeping indoor air fresh and humidity at an optimal level. Log provides natural insulation helping to maintain an indoor temperature that is comfortable throughout the whole year. Wood creates a warm stress-reducing atmosphere that is backed-up by scientific research.

House models

We manufacture both log houses and pre-cut wooden homes, which gives our customers the advantage to choose between these two solutions. Whether you dream of a modern city house or a traditional wooden home, the most important thing is to find a perfect design for you and your family, and then realize it with a construction of your choice.

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Polar Life Haus gallery

In our gallery, you can find a hand-picked selection of homes in different styles. We hope it gives you inspiration and ideas for your own house project. Every Polar Life Haus house is unique with each detail carefully designed and crafted.

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Polar Life Haus equals high quality. Carefully selected materials, individual design and finished details make your home a harmonious entity where healthy housing, design and nature go hand in hand. Get acquainted with our showhouses and customer stories.

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