House models

Get started with your project by finding your favorite design

We have selected some Polar Life Haus house models to inspire you with ideas for planning your own dreamhouse. Whether you enjoy the warm and cozy atmosphere of a traditional log home, or the freshness and simplicity of a modern city home, this is the starting place for your vision.

Each house is unique

Each family has different needs when it comes to housing, which is why each house we produce is unique. You can choose and combine details from different models and alter them to your tastes. We are also happy to produce a completely unique house according to your own plans, and our own architects are ready to help you in the planning process.

House kits for the most demanding tastes

Our house kits are always fashioned to the wishes of our customers. Modern or traditional, lavish or simple, we help you to find a solution that meets the requirements of you and your family’s lifestyle. Polar Life Haus kits are pre-fabricated at the factory, meaning a shorter assembly time on-site and guaranteeing that all parts fit together perfectly. We use the most advanced woodworking technology in the world, making it possible to create details that are accurate to the millimetre. Each and every detail is carefully thought out and realised with the utmost care. Each house is truly unique.

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