Polar Life Haus Designer Collection

Villa Puukkoniemi

Four modern, high-class villas are being built a few kilometres from the…

El Lodge

Luxury holiday destination for a demanding taste

Sauna Restaurant Kuuma

The Sauna Restaurant Kuuma is a new landmark at the heart of Tampere.

Villa Saimaanhelmi

The architecture of Villa Saimaanhelmi is streamlined and modern, and the floor plan solutions are clear and open.


Janne Kanteen, Honkatalojen oma arkkitehti SAFAJanne Kanteen Polar Life Haus’ in-house architect SAFA, has designed many uniquely designed log and wooden houses. In addition to individual sites, Janne has designed wood-structured residential areas and project sites, such as Ähtäri’s log-structured apartment hotel, Naava Chalet, and the luxury ski resort hotel, El Lodge, in Sierra Nevada. Janne’s work in the most visible location is most probably the sauna restaurant Kuuma in Tampere’s city centre. Janne’s work carefully considers the customer’s wishes concerning living, the environment, and the plot’s opportunities. The characteristic design style is evident in the combination of large glass surfaces and wooden structures in such a way that natural light can be genuinely appreciated indoors. When seeing a modern log house or wooden house designed with piety, and which brings out the best sides of its location, you can also acknowledge: well, that’s obviously Kantee’s work!

Janne Kantee, Architect SAFA, was born in Tampere in 1975. He graduated from Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 2008 and started working for Polar Life Haus the same year. Janne has designed numerous wooden buildings during his career, from public buildings to commercial premises, entire areas, and top-class residential buildings from Marbella to Moscow.



Unique house design always starts with the family’s wishes and needs concerning living conditions. As our customer, You have the opportunity to utilise our design service with Polar Life Haus’ draft work agreement.


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