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Our mission is New World Luxury. It brings together world-class design, technology, longer life and saving the world.

The world has come to a phase where we are about to discover sustainable development. Our values are changing. Materialism, consumerism, wasting natural resources, pollution, throw-away mentality and irresponsibility are finally giving way to a new natural way of living. The circle is closing. We are reclaiming our original connection with nature, yet in a modern fashion. For us, New World Luxury is a deep value-based way of thinking that holds responsibility of life.

World-class design

For us, world-class design means that we collaborate with the best architects specialized in wooden architecture in the world. We are honored to have Janne Kantee, architect SAFA, one of the leading Finnish experts on wooden architecture, work at Polar Life Haus. The high quality of Finnish wooden architecture is widely recognized around the world.

World-class technology

We have invested in competent staff and the best machinery available. Our goal is to be the industry leader in technical know-how and its execution. Several technical innovations that have taken the whole wooden house industry to a new level have originated at Polar Life Haus.

Longer life, healthier life

We want to understand all the different variations of stress that attack the human body, and help minimize or eliminate them with the help of living conditions. Countless toxic substances affect our cells through the air we breathe, the objects we touch and the things we eat. We can influence the quality of the indoor air we breathe and the surface materials we touch every day. The material choices can even have an effect on the amount of invisible radiation stress around us. All the choices we make for building materials should be based on how they can help us live longer. Scientific studies have shown the link between these factors and the length of our life span.

We want to save the world

We hope that nature herself can recommend us as a company that respects the environment. Houses manufactured and delivered by us have a positive carbon footprint. In fact, the manufacturing process of a wooden home consumes the least energy when comparing different building methods, and they function as carbon sinks over their long life. According to the specialists, our way of building is undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly one, and we are dedicated to developing our production processes even further.

We will do our best to be worthy of your trust.

Harri and Mikko Vainionpää
Polar Life Haus entrepreneurs


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