Top technology and strict quality control

We invest in quality at every stage of our production – from the quality of the raw material until the finishing planing of the panels. Our latest investments include the latest model of the Hundegger K2i joinery machine and our renewed production line for laminated logs. We produce laminated logs and laminated beams with a unique Rotoles technique, which is a special method to open the cell tissue in the planing phase. This way, the glue goes deep into the cell tissue of the wood and the glue joints of the logs and beams become tight and secure. The result is a high-quality laminated log with glue joints that do not crack open.

We control the whole production chain from the very beginning to the end, which means that we produce all wooden parts required for the houses at our factory. This makes seamless quality control and product development possible. The unique Softline profile of the logs and our post&beam construction are examples of the results of our product development. We wish to offer our customers only the best.

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