A wide selection of individual and modern log houses

Polar Life Haus log houses are manufactured with expertise and experience over a hundred years

A modern log house is a product of nature that is good both for people and the environment. It is strong against the wear of time and holds its value well. We manufacture individually designed log homes that are customized according to the wishes of our customer, down to the finest detail. Wood processing is our passion that has been passed on in our family company over four generations.

Polar Life Haus Solid Log returns to the roots of log houses

Our brand new product Solid Log is a return to our roots. It is a boxed-heart planed spruce log – 100 % wood and no adhesives. Thanks to our special kiln-drying technique and grooving, Solid Log retains its good looks and the natural cracking of wood is minimal. Solid Log is available in various sizes up to 270 mm and it is a good choice for both modern and traditional log houses.

Patented non-settling construction FIT by Polar Life Haus

As a product made of natural materials, it is characteristic for a log house to settle over the first years after assembling. When using a non-settling log construction it is possible to realize a log house completely free of settling.

FIT, a patented non-settling log construction developed by Polar Life Haus is the only one of its kind on the market, as it is realized with a special technique that combines doweling and screws. The walls stand straight even after years and year. FIT construction is especially suitable for modern houses that combine large glass surfaces reaching from the floor to the ceiling with solid timber. The non-settling FIT construction can be used with almost any log size available in our selection.

We provide the best solutions for a modern log house

Modern architecture demands a lot from the construction. In order to give a harmonious and seamless impression, each detail must be a result of careful consideration. We are constantly developing our products to find even better ways to bring solid timber and modern design together.

Our innovations include City Plus, a corner solution without long notches that allows the logs to run on the same level, HTWS fixed window system, patented non-settling construction FIT, and our own Sharpline and Softline profiles that give log walls a finished and unified look. Together, these solutions create a compelling fusion that has no par. A carefully designed and correctly assembled log house is stylish, safe and long-lasting.

We have a wide selection of logs and we manufacture both planed and laminated logs using Finnish spruce and pine. Our specialty is extra-large laminated logs and for our customers preferring traditional style, we also offer an array of round logs and D logs in different sizes to choose from. We process the logs ourselves using our own profiles.

Strength class GL32H laminated timber

It is a common practice to use C graded timber in the inner lamella of laminated logs. Our laminated logs are made of AB graded timber through and through. Thanks to this, we are the only Finnish manufacturer granted with the special GL32h strength class reserved for homogenous glued laminated timber.

Good indoor air quality of a log house increases your well-being

The indoor air quality of log houses has been proven to be good during all seasons. The solid timber construction balances the indoor air humidity levels by taking in and giving out moisture, which is why it is said to breathe. The indoor air humidity level remains at an optimal level all the times.

Wooden surfaces are comfortable to touch and look at, and they also cleanse the indoor air by filtering it. Scientific tests have shown that wooden surfaces also reduce stress. They have a positive effect on both mental and physical well-being.

Because we take the quality of indoor air seriously, our laminated logs are always manufactured using an adhesive that is free of formaldehyde. This is to ensure no harmful compounds are released into indoor air. Between different building methods, a log house is undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly choice. Manufacturing a log house requires only a fraction of the energy needed for manufacturing a stone house, and what is more, over its long life span it functions as a carbon sink.

In a log house, you breathe easier, sleep well and feel better. This is why a log house is an excellent choice for persons suffering from allergies or asthma or anyone who wants to take care of their health.

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