A modern post & beam house from Polar Life Haus

Combine different building methods in a P&B house

Post and beam is a popular and highly appreciated method of building in Central Europe. We have taken a new approach and brought it together with Finnish know-how on wood processing.

In P&B buildings laminated posts and beams create the load-bearing frame of the house which can then be filled with the material of your choice – logs, wood panel, glass, stone, etc.

A house like a piece of art

A post & beam house brings nature indoors. A P&B construction makes it possible to implant large glass surface into solid timber in a safe and aesthetically pleasing manner. Glass elements are integrated directly into wooden posts and beams, maximizing the size of light opening. Joineries that are accurate to the millimetre give the house a furniture-like quality.

Our beloved Polar Collection utilizes the post and beam method in its famous glass facade reaching from the floor level to the ceiling.

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