A Polar Life Haus eco wooden home offers a healthy place for living

In a eco wooden house, mineral wool and plastic are replaced with wood fibre insulation and paper. This gives the wall construction the ability to “breathe” and pass humidity through it. Indoor air quality remains good throughout the year and there is no danger of humidity-related indoor air problems such as mold.

A Polar Life Haus eco wooden home is a modern wooden house that has the best characteristics of a log house. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, a plastic-free eco wooden home is the best choice for you. It is an excellent alternative to a stone house. Many parts of Middle Europe and Scandinavia have already switched to completely plastic-free wall constructions – a more natural and healthy way of building.

An energy-efficient house

An eco wooden home is an energy-efficient choice. As a standard, the strength of thermal insulation in the wall construction is 250 mm and 450 mm in the ceiling, and upon request we are happy to offer you alternative insulation strengths. The U-value of windows used in eco wooden homes is < 1,0. An eco wooden house is a sensible choice for a better future.

The advantages of building on site

Our modern wooden homes are manufactured using pre-cut technique that combines the best parts of industrial prefabrication and building on site. A house is quick to assemble, as the wooden parts have been cut ready at the factory. The advantage of pre-cut technique is that even the most demanding architectural and structural solutions are possible to realize with it – the accuracy is down to the millimetre.

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