Customer stories

Cube 170

Our values were similar and we liked their philosophy about building


We can happily recommend Polar Life Haus and their log home delivery


Good and friendly service

Polar villa, custom model

The materials delivered by Polar Life Haus were all high quality


Their deep knowledge and open mind made us choose Polar Life Haus


Doing things together and listening to my ideas with an open mind were the most important things for me

Villa Morilla

Good product, good service

Building a home with Polar Life Haus – our customers tell their stories

Building a house is always a significant event. Many people build a house just once in their whole lifetime. That is why it is important to consider carefully which house manufacturer you choose to build your future with.

Here you can find customer stories that have our customers tell about their building projects with their own voices. For us, the most important thing is to make the dreams of our customers come true – and do that flexibly and trustworthily. Our goal is always a customer that is 100% happy with their house.

”The discussions with your sales representative and your open-mindedness were the deciding factors.”

”You had a friendly and devoted way of doing things. The personal input of your sales representative was astonishing.”

”You had just the design we were looking for.”

”Now that the house has been standing for four years, we would still choose the same house manufacturer and construction.”

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