Our flagships

Custom Home I & II

the most beautiful homes in Finland


a new generation log house

Loghome Austria

a modern log home in a very unique setting

Plusvilla 83

clean and simple design

Polar Swan 225

The iconic flagship of our beloved Polar Collection

Polar, Finland


open architecture and floating atmosphere

Villa Kivi

Villa Nuottakallio

Contemporary log home for a seaside location

Villa Olo

makes the most out of natural light

Villa Saimaanhelmi

has a special non-settling log construction developed and patented by Polar Life Haus


hybrid log house with world-class design

Check out the most iconic Polar Life Haus projects

Over the years, we have had the privilege of realizing hundreds of individually designed high-quality homes. Many of them have been featured in magazines and on television. Each and every one has surpassed the limits of what can be built with logs and revolutionized modern log architecture.

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