Five-star holiday village in Puumala

Breathtaking beauty of lake Saimaa

Kuoreksenniemi is a five-star holiday village located in Puumala, Finland. It has a total of 17 high-quality rental villas delivered by Polar Life Haus. They are located by Saimaa, the biggest lake in Finland, and have been realized with an environmentally friendly plastic-free construction.


Koskelo villas are modern one-storey studio villas. Their Scandinavian design is in perfect harmony with the surrounding Finnish nature, and the large windows let the landscape in.


The villas of Eteläranta have a clever and strong-lined design that utilizes the natural light to the maximum. They create a perfect space to enjoy your free time and relax, and the view to the nearby lake is a sight to behold throughout the year.

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