Plus Collection

Plushouse A 205

a touch of luxury to your days

Plushouse B 205

similar to the model A205

Pluslog L

everyday luxury at home

Pluslog M

a sense of luxury

Pluslog S

an open and efficient room plan in small size

Pluslog XS

a compact and urban home


a small but significant part of our Plusvilla Collection

Plusvilla 100

the most spacious of our one-floor Plusvillas

Plusvilla 118

lets in the sunlight

Plusvilla 124

fits the needs of different building sites

Plusvilla 140

features spacious bedrooms upstairs

Plusvilla 160

an extension of the model Plusvilla +100

Plusvilla 160S

a two-floor Plusvilla

Plusvilla 254

spacious and light indoor space and a sunny, private yard

Plusvilla 40

a true wonder

Plusvilla 60

a vacation home for a couple or a small family

Plusvilla 80

the most popular of Plusvillas

Plusvilla Atrium 114

a villa bigger than its size

Plusvilla Atrium 125

feels twice bigger than its real size

Plusvilla Atrium 140

a luxurious vacation home designed with taste

Internationally renowned Plusvillas with Scandinavian design

Plusvillas are the result of ambitious collaboration between Plusarchitects and Polar Life Haus. It offers a wide selection of house plans and their variations, ranging from 15 sqm saunas to 100 sqm luxury villas.

Plus Collection has won several international design awards, including a Good Design Award and a second place in the Fennia Prize design competition.

Simple design brings quality and leisure to everyday life

Plusvillas have been designed for people who value modern and clear architecture and carefully planned, finished details. The wide selection of house plans covers both smaller models designed for vacation homes as well as larger Plusvillas. Although there are many options available, we also offer our customers individual design.

Clean-lined Scandinavian design in Plushouses

Inspired by the Plusvilla models, the Plushouse series combines traditional wooden housing with modern clean-lined architecture. Plushouses have been designed as pre-cut wooden houses but it is also possible to make them with a log construction.

Our house models with their variations offer a good starting point for designing your own house. All the models and their variations can be modified according to your individual wishes. Together with Plusarchitects, we are also happy to design a completely individual Plushouse.


The Plushouse series expands with four new house models. To make them more environmentally friendly, Pluslog houses are modern log houses with solid timber construction. With a solid wall construction no additional insulation is needed and the wall remains a breathing construction, which ensures the good quality of indoor air. Solid timber construction has been proven to be a safe choice even under the most demanding circumstances.

Upon request, it is also possible to realize a Pluslog home with a pre-cut construction with exterior cladding made of either logs, wooden panels or rock panel. The series has four different sized house plans, XS, S, M and L to cater to different needs regarding space. Floor plans can also be easily modified.

The Pluslog series combine high-quality design and natural building materials at their best. With their clean-lined architecture, the houses have been designed for urban settings, but they also bring nature as a part of your everyday life.