Studio Void Collection

Nexus H5264

beauty born out of the irregular rhythm of nature

Pulsar H5080

Designed to fit in landscapes

VEGA H3647

a hybrid between a hut retreat, a sauna building and a sky observatory


solid and compact

Nexus H3625

Nexus is an innovative combination of a traditional “kota” and a modern sauna cabin.

Pulsar H3284

If you are looking for something new and different in a sauna cabin, H3284 from the Studio Void Collection may be your answer.

Pulsar H7457

The largest of the Pulsar models, H7457, is a design experience on three storeys.


Paolo Caravello

The italian architect Paolo Caravello moved to Finland in 2011 and established his own design studio. He has been working as a designers since 2003 and learned his trade in England. Here he participated in countless development projects, from high-profile residential areas to single projects.

Studio Void Collection contains three exciting models, Pulsar, Nexus and Vega. They offer a fresh new take on the discourse between manmade geometrical shapes and the landscape around them.








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