HTWS – our integrated window solutions are a product that we’ve been developing for a long time, where we’ve sought to solve not only the stylistic and structural aspects, but also the energy-efficiency ones.

The aluminium-framed window that integrates into the wall structure allows window surfaces the size of the whole wall in the home of your dreams. HTWS windows are made of tempered glass, which affects tensile strength and thus increases the safety of the glass. HTWS windows make a glass wall look stylishly completed because mouldings are not needed. The absence of mouldings is often one of the criteria on the basis of which a customer chooses our product. The HTWS-frameless corner allows the glass surface to continue between two walls, safely and energy-efficiently. In an HTWS frameless corner, the outer glass protects the edge of the joint. It’s possible to realise an even whole wall of glass in a log house as well. Make use of the best views of your property!

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Energy efficiency is extremely good in our HTWS windows. The wooden frame and the windows form a seamless and tight whole, meaning that the corners are not draughty, despite the glass surface. HTWS windows are warm and durable. Their aluminium frames work in even the most demanding conditions. The window elements are fixed to the frames with rubber seals. The standard U value of the glass is 0.6, which is better than for a so-called normal window (1.0). What is meant by the U value is the heat transmittance coefficient, i.e. how much the window conducts heat. The smaller the U value, the better the heat insulation.


Our HTWS windows have a double selective, which means that the glass has a coating that allows the radiation of the sun in, but reduces the radiation of heat outside from the interior.

Our HTWS windows can be chosen with various types of glass. Extremely clear glass gets its clearness from the fact it does not contain any iron oxide. Tinted glass is our other popular glass type.

We also offer diverse additional features for our HWTS windows. A solar protection coating can be added to the window surfaces, which is a general wish our customers have. The greatest benefit of the solar protection coating is reducing the room air temperature by about 4-5 degrees at the hottest time in the summer. So the air in the room does not heat up so intensely in the summer as it would without the solar protection coating.

Automated sun screens can be integrated into the structures on the window wall, so that the screen is left inconspicuously in the wall structure when it is not in use and comes down automatically to screen the window when it is needed. Sun screens are at their most effective when mounted on the exterior of the building. A sun screen also does not have to be completely darkening, but instead you can enjoy the fantastic scenery and avoid the excessive heat caused by solar radiation.


Large glass surfaces in homes with their draughty floors are a thing of the past. An HTWS window, together with our wall structure solution, is a warm, aesthetic, energy-efficient and safe choice. We manufacture the HTWS windows ourselves at our own factory in Töysä.

From Polar Life Haus, you’ll get a distinctive home, realised in accordance with your wishes. We can tailor energy-efficient solutions, all the way to low-energy houses. Begin the design with the architects of Polar Life Haus, or use your own architect in the design process. The world-class technology of our production factory plant can accommodate the realisation of even demanding architectural details. Combine exterior and interior spaces into a natural continuity with the aid of our HTWS window solutions.

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  • extremely tight and warm
  • tempered glass is used
  • double selective
  • as a standard, the U value is 0.6, which is better than for a so-called normal window (1.0)
  • integrated directly into the structure of the building
  • the possibility to use the HTWS frameless corner solution
  • as an additional feature, the possibility to choose either clear or tinted glass
  • as an additional feature, the possibility to use sun protection coating
  • the possibility to integrate the sun screen into the wall structure
  • a minimalistically stylish, mouldingless structure
  • enables extremely large window surfaces
  • Patented by Polar Life Haus

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