High-quality vacation homes

Building is always an investment in future, and this goes for vacation homes as well. As many vacation homes are in use throughout the year, high quality and sustainability are their important characteristics. Whether you dream of a luxury villa or a simple cottage in the woods, quality and long life span are worth investing in.

Vacation home can be realized as a log house, eco wooden house or a post & beam house

Your vacation home can be made using any of our building methods or even combine them. We are happy to offer our customers the chance to combine different products in order to reach a result that has all the desired details.

Popular eco wooden home

It is possible to build your vacation home using our eco wooden home construction – a traditional wooden frame house where plastic and mineral wool have been replaced with wood fibre insulation and paper. As this allows for the wall construction to breathe it is safe to leave the building cold for some periods. When you build an eco wooden the surfaces can be cladded with the material of your choice – panels, boards, gypsum board, stone, etc. Pre-cut eco wooden home is a flexible and energy-efficient method of building that more and more vacation home builders choose.

Log house energy

A log cottage is the most popular choice for a vacation home. There are many reasons why log is so popular: log is durable even under the most demanding conditions. The indoor air quality of a log building has no par, as solid timber holds the indoor air humidity at an optimal level. A log building is a piece of nature that connects you with the energy of earth. A majority of our log villas are made of light-coloured Finnish spruce that goes well with modern architecture.

Unique P&B house

Post and beam house is our special product available also for vacation builders. In a P&B house laminated wooden posts and beams create the load-bearing frame which is then filled with your material of choice – wood, stone or glass. P&B is a flexible method of building that is often combined with non-settling log construction and our eco wooden home construction. With P&B construction it is possible to integrate large glass surfaces into wooden constructions. Many people dreaming of stone houses has ended up choosing P&B.

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